Holiday Bingo for 2016

Happy Holidays!

Holidays are my favorite time of the year, but they can also be freaking stressful.  The 2016 Election might  will make them more stressful this year.  Beliefs, values, and political stances are not always shared through family bloodlines…..  You can provide data,  photographic evidence and  court transcripts to back up your political opinion, but y’all its pointless.  Don’t get yourself all worked up.  Find an accomplice  in the sordid group of individuals that are your family, and play a secret game of Holiday Bingo.


Holiday Bingo 2016

Holiday Bingo 2016

Rules and Instructions

Download and print two of the Holiday 2016 Bingo Cards.

If you hear a remark that correlates with a Bingo square…. – Circle it.

First  person who  gets 5 squares in a row wins.

Don”t forget to circle the free space in  the middle.

 Download 2 Holiday 2016 Bingo cards here





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