California Design Den Sheets…. A Little Bit of Luxury

California Design Den Sheets….

A Little Bit of Luxury

Hi Friends

I am not that much for New Year’s resolutions, but getting more sleep should be a priority for everyone.  Good sleep is necessary to fully enjoy your day.  Having a relaxing routine away from bright lights and putting away your phone are things you can do to help you get to sleep.  There is nothing like the feeling of a quiet house, and slipping into clean soft sheets to take a night’s rest.

 Real Review of California Design Den Sheets

As a  Mom…sometimes a very tired Mom I will seek the safety of my bed.  I am hiding from complaining family members, homework meltdowns, barking dogs and all the things that need to be done. Our bedroom has no TV and we try to limit electronics besides my Kindle.  I like my bedding simple and soft….right?  When California Dream Den contacted me to review their sheets I thought it was a great way to ensure my New Year’s goal of getting more sleep.  Get Sleep… Show Up… laugh at yourself … be kind… and lets not forget….. get more sleep.


My Sheets were Free

Before I get started, I must make it clear that California Design Den sent me these sheets for free because they wanted me to review them.  I mean, I am a human, I sleep on a bed and I like sheets… I am a perfect candidate to review sheets.  I was sent California Design Den 400 thread count in a Queen set.  I opted for pure white, although there were many other colors and patterns to choose from.

What I learned

When purchases sheets or clothes I always look for items made from natural fibers.  In Coastal South Carolina  cotton sheets area must.  Ya’ll it gets really hot and humid and its no fun sweating and tossing and turning in your bed.  This set is made of long-staple cotton fiber, which is used in soft, top-quality sheets.   California Design Den sent me a package containing one flat sheet, one fully elasticized fitted sheet designed to fit mattresses between 9” and 18” thick, and two standard pillowcases.  The sheets can be purchased from Amazon for under $50.  This is about the price that I would spend on sheets and  having them mailed directly to your home is a bonus.

My Sheets Arrived




I removed the sheets from the packaging and examined the stitching.  As a side note- this is a good way to check the quality of fabrics and garments.  The sheets had  strong straight stitching and even seams.  The fabric was soft and was the a good weight.  I washed them and put them on my bed.  The fitted sheet slipped perfectly ( didn’t break a sweat putting it on) over the mattress. The sheets were soft and  pretty.

How Did They Hold Up

I have had the California Design Den sheets for about a month and they have been through 3 washings, many pillow fights and the occasional dog sneaking on the bed.  They still look exactly the same as when I removed them from the packaging.  I have zero complaints and would recommend them.

I have actually been thinking about getting a quilt from them.

This one is really cute

You can check California Design Den’s website here or purchase them directly from Amazon here. As for me, I am a going to bed.




XOXO , Carmody

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