About Me

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I’m Carmody, the creator of Paper & Fox.  I am always working on a project…or twelve projects.  Paper & Fox is where you will find crafts, a ton of DIY projects, a little cooking, family life and clever ideas.


This is my family.  David and I met at Northwest School of the Arts, a magnet high school in Charlotte, North Carolina.  After high school we both attended Appalachian State University, where we began to date. We will be married 10 years this January. We have two red-head little boys, Knox and Bryce. We also have a dog named Putney. David is also a designer, so we have creativity spilling out of our house…sometimes literally.  Paper & Fox is an illustration of what I love and what inspires me.

Things I Love

 I have always been a maker. I love DIY projects, painting, sewing and redoing furniture. I really love thrifting.  There is nothing like discovering a gem in a pile rocks.  I am a runner. I starting running in 2005 and fell in love with it.  Now, I have to run pushing a jogging stroller, not quite as fun, but it gets the job done.  I enjoy traveling, but it is harder to do now with 2 young kids.

About Me Paper & Fox

Something That May Surprise You

Besides being crafty, I am a licensed Private Investigator.  Before I had my youngest son, Bryce, I worked mostly on serious criminal defense cases.  Now, I am primarily a mom and a blogger.  I occasionally will handle some investigative cases and substitute as an art center for preschoolers.  I went from visiting prisons to visiting craft stores.

My Goals

 I really want grow Paper & Fox into something  special.  I believe that my voice, projects and ideas are relevant and I hope you do too.  Another goal is  to open an online store selling some of the smaller accessories and art that I create.

 Another future project of mine is to play an active role in helping other creative individuals and makers achieve their goals.  Some of the most talented and creative individuals have the hardest time marketing themselves. I would like to learn more about self promotion, so that I could assist others.

 Frequently asked questions

Why did you choose name Paper & Fox?

I make a lot of projects out of paper and recycled material because I like to reuse materials and honestly, I am cheap.  I chose “Fox” because they are clever and crafty creatures and the color of their fur reminds me of my redheaded little boys.

How do you have time to do the projects?

I am always moving, and I work a little better if I am slightly overextended.  I have  5 year old son and a 1 year old son.  It is hard some days to get anything done, much less tackle a project.  I am a planner and try to keep projects stirring and developing at different stages.  I work a lot early in the morning and during nap times.  I love creating things and that is the biggest motivation.

Why did you start Paper & Fox?

Up until I had my second son I made a living being a private investigator.  I loved it, but was ready to make a change and pursue something more creative. The timing worked out and I was able to make the leap.

I had been planning on creating my own Blog for a year before I started Paper & Fox.  I would do projects then write articles (that I kept to myself) about the projects.  Then, finally I decided to make it happen.

Who designed your site?

I am lucky to have a husband that is an artist and talented designer.

Do you have an Etsy store?

No,  but opening an online store is a goal for 2014.

Can I feature your tutorials or ideas on my site?

Absolutely, I just ask that you please link back my instructions.

If you have any additional questions please send them my way.


Let’s Work Together

I offer a variety of services: create, publish and build.

CREATE: Above all, I am creator. I create crafts, design goods and interiors, write and paint.

PUBLISH: Paper & Fox is a great place for featuring your work as well. Let’s talk about how to make that happen!

BUILD: Want your word to spread? Let’s talk about how to take it to the next level with my social media platforms.

I love collaborating! Let’s join forces and create beautiful things!

Contact me paperandfox@gmail.com