White & Gray Pretty Things

White and Gray Pretty Things

I have been really into the colors white and gray for the past few years. I have painted almost every item in my house white or gray, which is nuts because I have small children.

I knew it was a problem when I used the style of Santa’s Workshop in the movie, “Elf” as inspiration for decorating.

For me, white and gray are clean and crisp colors that illustrate  winter (especially January) .

Here are some really pretty things…. that happen to be (mostly) white and gray.

I absolutely want this Granite Geometric Necklace by Partly Cloudy.

Creating a crochet top stool or table is on my project list this winter.  The table above is amazing.

White and gray desk

The “backside” of my lady’s desk , just happens to be White & Gray.

I love scarfs, and I have had my eye on this triangle crochet scarf created by Krafty Krochet.

Pole Dancing… I love this screen print.



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