Valentine’s Day Cards

Valentine’s Day is next week and I wanted to make valentines for my kid’s friends. My older son quickly nixed the idea of me making his Valentines because he wanted  to give his friends “cool” cards.  Since my toddler doesn’t know what  Valentine’s Day is, he won’t object to me creating his cards.

valentine card

I used a photo from our Valentine’s Photo Shoot.  Then, I created his Valentine’s Day Cards. I used the same method that I did my DIY Thank You Cards.  The only  difference is that I attached the photos to  red poster board.  I also added a note to the back of each card.

My baby is known at school for his mulch eating.  So naturally, I used the “I Love you > than eat mulch” concept.

This is saying a lot

valentine card

These little Valentines Day Cards are a great way to add personalized messages to recipients.  They are also easy and cheap. When it comes down to it, doesn’t everyone want something easy and cheap for Valentine’s Day :)

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