Turning a Drawing into a Stuffed Animal

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 As you probably guessed we create a lot of art in my home. My oldest son, Knox,  has started to create really amazing drawings.   We came up with a plan to turn one of his drawings into a stuffed animal. We went through all of his recent drawings and picked out one that he would that would look great as an 3-D creature.  It was good for him to be involved in the planning, problem solving of turning a flat crayon drawing into something really special.

Turning a drawing into a stuffed animal

Here is his amazing alligator drawing that we chose to create into a cuddly creature.

Alligator Drawing

I have seen where you can send off your kid’s art work into a company or “maker” and they  create a stuffed animal for you. If you have basic sewing skills this could be a great project to tackle with a little artist. Knox had total control as art director for this project. Our first step was to travel to the fabric store where he picked out his fabric.


Knox is really big on the  texture of fabrics so naturally he was drawn to the soft fleece.  He chose all the colors.


He enlarged his original alligator drawing.

Pattern making

We worked together creating a pattern for the alligator. Then we cut out the pattern and corresponding fabric and began pieces the alligator together.

pieces fabric together

I sewed the pieces together using my a sewing machine while he separated the stuffing. We stuffed the  alligator and ta-da!

Turning a Drawing into a Stuffed animal

Knox and his stuffed animal

This project only took a couple of hours and he loves his alligator and he is proud of his accomplishment.

XOXO Carmody

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