Toddler Proof Cardboard Ornament


I have a toddler….  Not one of those “sits politely in your lap during library story time toddlers”.  My toddler, Bryce, spends his day plotting how he can bring down the value of our home and injure himself.  Our family was faced with a dilemma of how to protect our Christmas tree and Bryce this holiday season.  We wanted a tree, but did not want to constantly worry about it being attacked or Bryce throwing glass ball ornaments at his brother.  We constructed a barricade around the tree with blocks and cardboard, but I still observed Bryce hurling wooden blocks at the branches.  My objective for this project was to create safe and sturdy ornaments that had no monetary or emotional value.  


I created and cut a feather shape out of a piece of cardboard.  Then I traced and cutout about 40 cardboard feathers.  With painters tape, I designed shapes and patterns on the feathers.  I spray painted the feathers either grey or white and let air out for 24 hours.  Once the feathers were dry, I used metallic gold craft paint to add embellishments.  With twine and my hot glue-gun, I attached loops to the ornaments so they could hang off branches.  Hopefully, Bryce will not destroy the tree or its ornaments.  If he does, at least we won’t have to worry about the cardboard feather ornaments harming him.

Materials Needed



Spray Paint

Craft Paint

Glue gun



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