Thinking Beyond the Canvas – Rockwell Giveaway

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As an artist I am always looking for different materials, techniques and surfaces to paint on.  Canvas are great, but they can get really expensive when painting large pieces.

Paper and Fox Rockwell

  Lately, I have been painting on hard wood  panels.  Here is an example of me painting on a giant wood panel.

large scale

Thinking Beyond the Canvas


I love the textures and imperfections that painting on wood can create.  Some mediums require a little more prep work when painting on wood, but it is always worth it.

A couple of years ago I did a painting on a wood pallet and loved the texture that each wood board had.  I have been wanting to create a piece using different slats of wood of different colors and tones.  To create art, I not only need paints, brushes  and art supplies… I also need a lot of supplies from the hardware store.

wood slat panels

 I picked up inexpensive wood panels from the hardware store. Then I laid out wood panels on a canvas drop cloth.  I doesn’t seem to really matter if I use a drop cloth  or not, I always make a mess.

applying paint wash

I mixed a  few colors of paint washes.  In this case – the wash was made of house paint and water.  I applied a thin coat on each board.

paint wash

Here is what wood panels looked like once complete.  I allowed the wood panels to dry over night.

rockwell jawhorse

Now for the fun part. I got out my  Rockwell JawHorse Portable workstation and lined up the wood panels.  I clamped the panels securely in place . The jawhorse has over 1 ton of clamping force   so these babies were not moving. (Here is my husband, David, showing off if cutting skills.)

rockwell jawhorse

Then we trimmed the boards to fit the size I needed for the painting.

wood panels

Now my vision is coming together.

wood glue on panels

We applied wood glue on the side of each panel.

clamping wood together

After clamping the boards in place, I allowed the entire piece to dry and set over night. I could even use the jawhorse as an easel.

wood panel as a canvas

Now I can treat the wood panels and I would a any other surface that I would paint on.  Ready set paint.

Painting by Carmody Tisdale1 in frame

 Here is the finished painting.  “Socks” By Carmody Tisdale

Now for the Giveaway

For your gift giving this year, think about giving  something that rocks. Give the gift that provides an opportunity to  build, fix and create.  One super lucky reader will win a tool that rocks – Rockwell Jawhorse.

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5 Responses to Thinking Beyond the Canvas – Rockwell Giveaway

  1. My Creative Days December 13, 2015 at 12:08 pm #

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity! We could really use on of these with all the projects we do!!!

  2. Ashley Bree Perez December 13, 2015 at 12:31 pm #

    Such an amazing giveaway! Trying to win this for my husband(: Thank you for the opportunity!

  3. Amanda @ Dwelling in Happiness December 14, 2015 at 11:12 pm #

    I’ve never heard of this product but i LOVE it!! It’d make projects SO much easier to manage! Thank you for the great giveaway! :)