Pretty Gift Wrapping

sewed wrapping

Wrapping gifts in paper has been around since the ancient Chinese Han Dynasty.    When I have the time, I try to  create unique and homemade gift wrapping that is as special as the gift inside.

Materials used:

Paper grocery bags


paint pen

craft paint


sewing machine

thread (in a bold color)

I cut the paper grocery bags to create a flat surface.  On one grocery bag, I wrote a letter ( to Santa) with a silver paint pen.  On the other grocery bag, I  painted designs with gold craft paint.  Then I let the paper dry.

I threaded my sewing machine with red thread and sewed a pocket out of the paper  for each gift.  Once three sides of the pocket were attached, I inserted the gift into the pocket and sewed the remaining side.

wrapping paper 2

The gift is wrapped, and quite lovely.  This will also eliminate peeking prior to opening.


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