Family Photos by Evergreen Studio

Family Photos by Evergreen Studio

Evergreen Studio

I was going through some older photos of my now 5-year-old son, and came across these.  My lovely friend, Virginia Dunn of Evergreen Studio,  photographed our family a few years ago.  It was a clear, yet cold, winter day in Charlotte, North Carolina.

We were relatively new parents and still getting accustom to our new life.  We were completely in love with little person who transformed our lives.  Knox was just getting comfortable walking and had on his new boots.  He also had his lovey, “Dow”, in most of the photos.   Dow has seen better days, but is still a staple in our house.

Evergreen Studio Virginia Dunn

This was our “mad for plaid” look.

Evergreen Studio Virginia Dunn

This was our “we have a toddler, but still can act cool” look.

evergreen studios 4

I forgot how much I love these photographs.  Knox, who wasn’t the easiest to photograph, loved Virginia and felt completely comfortable with her.  I think you can always tell the chemistry between kids and the person behind the camera in photographs.  I am so happy that we captured this moment in time in our family.

evergreen studio

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  1. Joseph C Wootton January 19, 2014 at 10:39 am #

    That must be why kids always cry during my photo shoots. Haha.

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