Painted Toys

I have a weak spot for little animal figurines, especially my old friend, the Stegosaurus.  While shopping at a craft store I picked up a Tiger and Stegosaurus for a $1 each.


They were pretty cute as is.  Instead of giving them to my boys, I determined that the figurines would make splendid (and unbreakable) decorations for my home.

Like every item that I own lately, I decided to paint my Tiger and Stegosaurus a high gloss white.  I used Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch Ultra Cover spray-paint because it bonds to about everything including plastic.  This was my arctic battle phase.  Both the Tiger and Stegosaurus looked great in white and could even pass as little statutes. image

To take the Tiger and Stegosaurus to the next level, I added a little touch of gold.  This resulted the

final… Gold Battle.


 These guys are charming and add A little novelty to a mantle or side table. Below is my Stegosaurus guarding a struggling orchid.image

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