Painted Terracotta Pot {Neon Yellow + Turquoise}


Who doesn’t love a little neon and turquoise in your life? I originally shared this project over at Designer Trapped in a Lawyer’s Body.    The inspiration came out of a “bummer” moment when my toddler broke one of my necklaces.   With a toddler in my house, I end up with a lot of broken items…it is, what it is.

No matter how I try to hide my accessories, he can sniff them out.  Don’t worry, my necklace wasn’t expensive, but it was cute. It was also Neon Yellow and Turquoise.

Below- necklace crime scene

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 I put the little neon geometric pieces in a safe place until I decided what to do with them.

 Fast Forward Two Weeks- While staring into space in the plant section of Home Depot it came to me.  I don’t want to give you the wrong impression,  I am terrible with plants.  I was in that section because I was looking for sandbox sand. It’s not that I don’t love plants, I am just terrible at keeping them alive. Lets move on to my project..shall we?

Painted Terracotta Pot {Neon Yellow + Turquoise}

Pretty Painted Pot Inspired by a Necklace

Since I was already at a hardware store, I purchased a terracotta pot and started brainstorming.   My goal was to turn an average looking pot into a pretty home decor accessory using inspiration from a broken necklace.

Gray pot1

Like everything I own, I painted the pot Gray.  Once the paint was dry, I used a sharpie to draw a simple design. Nothing fancy.

Painted Pot 2I mixed some two different colors of turquoise and  started painting the pot. Then, I mixed up a neon yellow to match my broken necklace. I outlined my design with cooper color craft paint.


They look great together right?  I glued pieces from the broken necklace to picture  wire and stuck them in the plant soil. Voila!

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As I said before, I am not good with plants.  I know this fact about myself and I am completely fine with this  personal flaw. I am a strong believer that presentation is everything…. it would look weird if my pot did not have a plant. I planted a rhipsalis (aka mistletoe cactus) because the label said it was easy to take care of.  It was unusual looking and easy to keep alive…sold

planted pot collageThe broken necklace pieces double as a plant marker and what I like to call “Plant Jewelry”.

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That’s it!  A simple DIY project that allows you to upcycle the broken necklace that is hiding in your junk drawer. Wish me luck at keeping this cutie healthy.

Thanks, Carmody

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  1. Madaline July 25, 2014 at 10:51 am #

    This is such a fun idea! Why do toddlers always pick jewelry to break? Or makeup? Or anything that you particularly like? Haha.


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