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More Chic than Shabby

Interior design tips to create the perfect eclectic and stylish room.

When it comes to home décor I love vintage, second-hand and well-loved pieces. I try to avoid using a ton of bleached-out  and pastel colors when incorporating shabby chic elements in a room.  I love combining soft textures and clean lines.  Decorating a room with different furniture styles, materials, colors, and patterns can create a chic more than shabby look — but it can also be hard to pull off.  Here are easy tricks for mixing vintage, modern, and shabby chic design in a sitting area, so that your home looks thoughtful instead of a one where you would find a crazy cat lady.

All of the stylish pieces  below can be found at Chairish, a curator approved, online marketplace for vintage and used furniture. Visit their “Shabby Chic” collection to create your own “More Chic than Shabby” look.

More Chic Than Shabby Home by Paper and FoxDecor


1. Stylish Organization-  Every room needs to provide the ability to store your beautiful items in a beautiful way . This magazine rack is simple, unassuming and useful.

2. Bold Art- Having one stand-out piece of art can add interest to any room. This Desjardins Print “Cuba Libre” is a perfect wow piece.

3.  Less is More Seating – Sure you need to sit and relax, but you can do it without taking up the entire room with furniture.  This bamboo settee is a perfect seat that  you can use with different styles and any color rug.

4.  Functional Flavor –  An antique shabby chic trunk like this Romanian Dome Trunk can act as a coffee table and  hide just about anything.

5. Something Soft- Every sitting room needs a soft element. The playful and geometric lines on a  rug by West Elm go perfectly with the lines on the settee. See… old + new mix well. The plush pile makes it soft and comfortable for your little toes to walk on too.

6. Shine – A little brass deer on a side table can play on different shadows and reflective light in the room. It is also pretty darn cute.

7. Texture – A tribal geometric woven tray used as a tray on the trunk or as a wall accent piece will add a chic element using natural materials.

8. Lighting – A vintage floor lamp with the bonus of a drink table has the appeal of great style and creates a cozy ambiance perfect for your glass of wine.


XOXO Carmody

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