Kid’s Step Stool Redo

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Do any of you have functional furniture that you hide before company comes over?  We have a pitiful looking step stool in our kid’s /guest bathroom that helps my little ones reach the sink.  When visitors come over, I run and hide that bad boy in a closet. It is layered with toothpaste and toddler debris. Do you have something like this hanging around your home? No worries, here is an easy and cost affective fix it.

Kid’s Step Stool Redo


Step Stool Redo by Paper and Fox


Here is my sad little step stool before it’s makeover.  See, you would be embarrassed too. I painted it blue and white about 5 years ago.

Step Stool Redo

The step stool has been well loved. It was time for us  to give a little love in return.  My first job is to sand all the yuck and unidentifiable textures off. I used  my new favorite tool, Sonicrafter F50, to get into all the nooks and crannies.

Step Stool

Once it was all sanded and “de-toddlerified” I coated the entire stool in gray and the black in the middle. I used existing house paint from my storage room.  My goal is for it to be kid friendly and  still look nice for guest.

Step stool

Better already right?.  My boys love little race cars and play with them all over the furniture and walls  I thought it would be nice to add a “racing stripe” down the front of the steps.

Easy Step Stool Redo

So,  before you donate an outdated or tired piece of furniture try giving it a little TLC and paint.

XOXO Carmody

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