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Diy Art

Diy Accent Art

Here is an easy tutorial on how to create simple diy accent art.   The design on this piece will add interest and fun to any room. While organizing my art supplies, I came canvas painting that I created a few years ago.  The painting was over worked and  not very good… really bad.  I purposely […]

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Wood Pallet Art

  The early 1920s saw the introduction of the first pallets and skids.  Prior to this, wooden crates and barrels were generally used to gather, store, protect and move merchandise.  Today pallets are used for everything from material handling to being re-purposed as art and furniture.  I know that painting on pallets is not an […]

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DIY Paper Circle Wall Art

Paper Circle Wall Art My goal was to create a piece of art for my baby’s room that would encourage tranquility and sleep. Ha!    So, I purchased  300 or so little white 2 inch circles off the interweb. (I had plenty of leftover circles, but they make great nametags for gifts.)   Then I went […]

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