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Let’s Fly a Kite

With the wind blowing and temperatures rising my kids are begging to fly kites. Knox got a sweet kite from his last birthday that he cannot wait to break out. I also love kites. The simple diamond shape and having the ability and to fly something high in the air. crossing your fingers that it […]

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DIY Cufflinks

Hi Friends! This is a fun and  easy  DIY Cufflinks Tutorial.  Gifts for guys are hard. How many beard trimmers and wallets can one guy need?  These cufflinks would make a great gift for any guy who likes to add a little flair to his business wardrobe. My husband, David, is a stylish and playful […]

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DIY Dragon Pin Favor

DIY Party Favor

Toy Dragon Pin Party Favor Knox has been planning his 5th Birthday Party since his 4th Birthday Party.  The party theme is constantly evolving. from superhero and super robots to super ninjas.  The one thing that has remained constant is that he is turning 5. Knox has recently been sporting a dragon metallic toy pin […]

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Painted Toys

I have a weak spot for little animal figurines, especially my old friend, the Stegosaurus.  While shopping at a craft store I picked up a Tiger and Stegosaurus for a $1 each. They were pretty cute as is.  Instead of giving them to my boys, I determined that the figurines would make splendid (and unbreakable) […]

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