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Let’s Fly a Kite

With the wind blowing and temperatures rising my kids are begging to fly kites. Knox got a sweet kite from his last birthday that he cannot wait to break out. I also love kites. The simple diamond shape and having the ability and to fly something high in the air. crossing your fingers that it […]

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tools of the trade

My Tools

Here is a list of my favorite and most used tools for crafting, DIY projects and making pretty things.  Once in awhile I will treat myself to special paint or nice  paper, but these are my tried and true tools.     1. Hot Glue Gun – such a marvelous invention.  I have a few […]

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Pretty Gift Wrapping

Wrapping gifts in paper has been around since the ancient Chinese Han Dynasty.    When I have the time, I try to  create unique and homemade gift wrapping that is as special as the gift inside. Materials used: Paper grocery bags scissors paint pen craft paint paintbrush sewing machine thread (in a bold color) I cut […]

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