4 Entertaining ways to Escape Stress during the Holidays

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I know that I usually write about crafts and home decor, but that is not what I am writing about today.   I am going to share my love of the “dark side”.  I can suppress the “dark side” with glue sticks and  acrylic paint, but the holiday stress has brought it out.  Before my DIY and home decor life, I worked as a private investigator  on criminal cases…..primarily homicides.  Today, I am going to share some of the “dark side”that I find entertaining with you.

holiday stress

If you find yourself trapped in an uncomfortable family moment,  secretly pop in an ear-bud and indulge in one of these stories. These are not kid friendly, but a perfect distraction to rants about politics and shifty cousins.


1. Serial

Serial  is a hugely popular podcast, a spinoff production of This American Life.  This is a real story about the fate of a thirty-two-year-old man serving a life sentence, who may have been wrongfully convicted.    What really happens in a homicide case does not always make it in front  of a jury.  A lot of people go to jail whether they’re guilty  or not.  I started listening to Serial during a recent trip to Charleston and I was hooked.


2. Criminal

This is another true crime podcast about  people who’ve done wrong, been wronged, or  stuck somewhere in the middle.   Each episode of Criminal discusses  a real-life crime story told by real people. These individuals could easily be your neighbors or friends. The episodes are short and I have been listening to them during my holiday shopping adventures at Target.


3. Transparent

 Transparent , an Amazon original series, is about a father transitioning to a woman and a selfish family with serious boundary issues.  Transparent deals with the struggles  of being trans in today’s society, but it also about a family’s reaction and their secrets.  This is show a compassionate when it comes to the ambiguity of life and society .  It is well written and and extremely interesting.


3. Peaky Blinders


 Peaky Blinders is an addictive show is set in 1919 in Birmingham, England. Based on a real-life gang, Peaky Blinders is gritty and delicious.  Think “Boardwalk Empire” + “The Sopranos” + ” Gangs of New York”.  You can binge-watch all available episodes on Netfix.


Seriously, download a few episodes just in case you need them this week. You will thank me.






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