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diy bleach pin shirt

DIY Bleach Pin Shirt

I have been wanting to create a bleach pin shirt for some time.  While folding laundry, I came across a black v-neck t-shirt that had faded  significantly. I liked the fit of the t-shirt and I wasn’t ready to part with it. This was a perfect shirt to try out a bleach pin painting. My […]

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DIY Cufflinks

Hi Friends! This is a fun and  easy  DIY Cufflinks Tutorial.  Gifts for guys are hard. How many beard trimmers and wallets can one guy need?  These cufflinks would make a great gift for any guy who likes to add a little flair to his business wardrobe. My husband, David, is a stylish and playful […]

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T-Shirt Makeover

This is an easy  DIY T-shirt makeover  tutorial.  I inherited this cute fox t-shirt from my husband.  I actually purchased it for him many years ago.  The shirt allegedly shrunk in laundry, so instead of donating the t-shirt I thought I would attempt a t-shirt makeover.  My main goals were to alter the overall fit […]

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DIY Tattoo Knuckle Gloves for a “Baby Mama”

Hi Friends! I came across DIY tattoo knuckle gloves in Country Living  and thought I would give it a try.  I decided that I really needed some “Baby Mama” tattoo knuckle gloves.  I chose smart phone gloves because Baby Mama’s need to use their smart phone too. These knuckle tat gloves are great for new […]

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