DIY Note – Greeting Card Alternative

I am not a fan of picking out a card a store bought greeting card to let someone know that I am thinking about them.  I find myself sitting on the floor of the greeting card isle over analyzing what the “Thinking of you” card really means. They always feel like they were written with someone else in mind.  If at all possible, I will try to create my own card or note.  It doesn’t have to be made with expensive materials or display your poetry writing abilities.  I like simple and memorable tokens of affection.  I also think that it is neat to use different materials, and shapes when creating a card.

I made the simple thank you with inexpensive items that I had in my craft bin.

Materials used:


 Paper circles (I have a ton of these left over from a previous project)

Paper Fasteners

Hole puncher

Glue Stick


Black Sharpie Marker

A squirrel sticker purchased from a craft store (because it’s fall y’all)

I traced and cut the felt to the size of the paper circle.  I then used my hole puncher to create holes in both the felt and paper circles.   With the glue stick, I attached the circle shaped felt to a paper circle.  This creates a backing for the felt.  Then I added the squirrel sticker to the felt. You can add anything you like to the front, a charm, photograph, tiger figurine… the world is your oyster.

 A cool thing about using the paper fasteners is that you can include as many pages as you wish.  It can even become a little handmade book.  I added a little gold paint to the front felt and to the “Thanks” note inside…just to jazz it up.

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