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Dragon Pin Bookmark

Toy Dragon Pin Party Favor

Knox has been planning his 5th Birthday Party since his 4th Birthday Party.  The party theme is constantly evolving. from superhero and super robots to super ninjas.  The one thing that has remained constant is that he is turning 5.

Knox has recently been sporting a dragon metallic toy pin on is winter hat.  We both thought it would be cool if he shared the Dragon pins with his friends.  It was time to make some DIY Party Favors!

So, I created dragon pins.

marching dragons

I painted the Dragon’s gold (Knox’s favorite color at the moment).

Gold Gragon Pins

I set them aside and let dry for a few days.

stamp supplies

I wanted to add packaging for the dragon pins.  This was easy to do with card-stock paper, #5 stamp, and a hole puncher.

Dragon Pin bookmark

I chose card-stock in a size that could also double as a bookmark. On the back I added a description of the ” Magic Dragon Pin”.

Dragon Pin Bookmark Back

Also, I am fully aware that not all kids can be trusted with “Magic Dragon Pins” attached to their clothing.

I included an extra “safety statement” on the back.

Dragon Pin Warning

So, there you have it, Magic Dragon DIY Party Favors!



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