DIY Paper Shields

Create Your Own Superhero Shields

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I originally came up with this project a couple of years ago when my son had a Superhero themed Birthday Party.  Each Party guest created their own Superhero identity with capes and DIY paper shields.  It was a hit.  I keep the materials on hand because we continue to create shields on a regular basis.  I also think that it is a hit with kids because it is art that they created, that they can wear.  Yes, they can fight with the shields, but a lot of times my guys are just walking around with the shields strapped to their wrist.  Little boys have something in their DNA that converts any item into a weapon.  I spent the first few years of parenting trying to change this behavior.  Now, I accept it and try to encourage creativity in their imaginary battles.

DIY Paper Shields

Materials Needed for DIY Paper Shields

10-inch Cake Circles


Hot glue gun

Art supplies ( markets, paint, stickers, etc.)

DIY Paper Shields


Here is your cake circle. One side is white  and the other is brown.  I use the white as  the front.

DIY Paper Shields

With my hot glue-gun I attached a loop of elastic to the back of the paper circle.  I made it big enough so that my kids and easily fit the elastic over their hand and around their wrists.

DIY Paper ShieldsDIY Paper Shields

You can get elaborate as you want with the designs. My boys chose to use markers and paint for these particular shields.  For the birthday party we used felt and a mixture of textures on the shields.

DIY Paper Shields

My shield is the viking helmet with the bling. I had to protect myself from my vicious warriors.  This is a really simple and fun project and kids of all ages seem to enjoy. Now, I have to go and save the world from evil-doers.


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  1. emmymom2 April 1, 2014 at 1:17 pm #

    Those are so cute, will have to do this with my son. You are so right about it just being part of their DNA

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