DIY Halloween Ideas

Hi Friends!

I love everything about Halloween… candy, costumes and fun decorations.

I have put together some of my favorite DIY crafts and costumes that I have created over the years.

Spider Vase/ easy diy Halloween decor

Hey you, pull that salsa  jar out of the recycling and create and spider vase.

DIY Halloween Costumes by Paper & Fox

From Paper Dolls to Frida Kahlo…  I will dress up as just about anything… this is proof.

Pink Flamingo Pumpkin by Paper and Fox

I so heart this pumpkin. “Lady Bird” looks mighty nice in her new Charleston yard.

Painted Pumpkins by Paper & Fox, #fall, #pumpkin, #craft

I am like a bug to a porch light when it comes to shiny objects. These pumpkins were super easy to create.

DIY Spooky spider wreath

You know those itchy plastic spiders that come with the fake spiderweb kits… yes, they suck.  Hot glue those spiders to a piece of painted cardboard and create a surprisingly pretty wreath.

DIY Pink Flamingo Costume| Paper and Fox

Ohhhh I love this  Pink Flamingo costume!!!!! It was easy and so freaking awesome.

Clever and Awesome DIY Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Costume

A twinkle twinkle little star costume was my solution for an uncooperative toddler. “Kid, hold this balloon while Mommy puts stickers all over you”.

I hope that you can use some of these ideas in your Halloween Creations.

XOXO Carmody


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  1. Bonnie October 12, 2019 at 12:26 pm #

    I’d love to know how you did the pink flamingo

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