Diy Easter Bag….Last Minute

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Today I just realized that I did not have an Easter basket for my youngest son. Last year he was an infant, so we got by with putting  him in a pastel onsie while attending the egg hunt.  You know what its awful… I really don’t want to buy one of those expensive baskets or bags.  Years ago, we made sure that when oldest son was a toddler  he had a $40 Easter Basket monogrammed from Pottery Barn.  This is a great example of how my parenting style has changed from having one child to having two.  Do I think that my youngest will hold it against me later in life, that I did not provide him with a $40 monogrammed Easter Basket… nope.

DIY Easter Bag…For the 2nd Born

The purpose of Easter Baskets is to hold eggs and treats. The total cost of this project was $2.99 + tax.

DIY Easter Basket

I like the blue tote, but it was too large for my toddler to carry.

Easter Basket

I cut the top 1/4 off the bag.

DIY Easter Basket

I needed to make him some new handles.  I pinned drapery rope to the top of the open bag.

DIY Easter Basket

With my sewing machine I attached the handles to the bag. Using red thread, I hemmed the top of the bag.

DIY Easter Bag

With white acrylic paint I painted a little bunny and “Bryce” in a banner. After the paint was dry I went over the bunny and banner with a black and gold sharpie.

DIY Easter Bag

I think it is just as cute and an expensive bag. All that matters is that the bag can carry out it’s duty….holding the goods.

DIY Easter Bag


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3 Responses to Diy Easter Bag….Last Minute

  1. Heather Smith {Woods of Bell Trees} April 16, 2014 at 3:37 pm #

    Can you even believe that there was a day and a time that we would spend that kind of money on something?! Hehe I’ve been known to do that too! Your bag is adorable little Bryce will love it!

    • carmody April 16, 2014 at 7:28 pm #

      Thanks Heather. I know, I used to spend money on silly things.


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