DIY Bike Makeover

DIY Bike Makeover

We are in the “learning to ride a bike” stage of parenting. My son, Knox, rocks it on his scooter and big wheel, but it was time to master the bike.  He was getting too big for the bike we purchased him last year.  My niece, Sadie, was gracious to let Knox have the bike that she had out grown.  The only problem that it was pink and purple. With our design consultant, Knox, we performed a DIY Bike makeover.

He had a vision of a black bike with blue flames.

DIY Bike Makeover

We spray painted the upper body of the bike blue.

DIY Bike MakeoverDIY Bike Makeover

My husband cut electrical tape in the shape of flames with an x-acto knife.

DIY Bike Makeover

We positioned the electrical tape flames over the blue paint. Then we spray painted the bike black.

DIY Bike Makeover

Knox carefully removed the electrical tape to reveal the blue flames.

DIY Bike Makeover

A new bike was born… I am sure the newness will wear off, but ever since the new paint job, Knox has been really motivated to practice riding his bike.  This was a really easy project that the entire family (as you can see from the photos) participated in.

Maybe the “custom paint job”will help keep the motivation to master the bike.

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  1. Ucheju July 18, 2017 at 8:27 am #

    It looks easyvthanks i’ll do this for my son

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