How to Paint Simple DIY Beach Art


Each day  has been full of beauty and new things in my new hometown in Charleston.  It is amazing that a trip to Target involves driving on a bridge over deep water filled with boats and sea life.  Something about seeing the ocean and the smell of the salt in the air instantly calms me. Of course, I bring the same feeling into our home with beach and  nautical touches.  I created a very simple painting that I wanted to stare with you.

Simple DIY Beach Painting by Paper and Fox

A Simple DIY Beach Art

Wood plank board

I started with a wood painting board. I like painting on wood because of how the grain can compliment the painting.


I am not the best at hand lettering so I cheated with stickers.

Beach lettering

I measured and marked where I wanted to place the letters.

Beach sticker lettering

After I placed the letters, I coated the entire board with a light coat of spray paint. This is to act as a primer to the paint.

Paint washing

I with a mixture of blue paint, white paint and water  I created a paint wash. I  painted the board with the paint wash.

Painting the word

Once the paint wash dry, I removed the stickers. I used the unpainted  sticker areas as a template to create the wording.

Upclose beach Painting

There you go, my easy breezy beach painting.

XOXO Carmody

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