Display Plaque for the Things You Love

I have mentioned my favorite tools  in a previous post.  I gushed about my lovely scissors and how I have to hide them from my family, especially my toddler.  Instead of keeping the scissors under lock and key, I decided to display them with pride. I wanted to keep the scissors out, but up high and accessible for when I need them.

I went hunting at a craft store and found a wood plaque.


I painted the plaque white and gathered my tools: painters tape, craft adhesive, sharpie, a crazy strong magnet, thimble and my scissors.

plaque displaydisplay plaque

I positioned the scissors how I wanted them displayed on the plaque and marked the areas with painter’s tape.

display plaque

With my craft adhesive, I attached the crazy strong magnet to the plaque. I wrote “My Scissors” with a Sharpie next to the magnet.

display plaquedisplay plaque

The thimble will act as extra support  and help the magnet to hold the scissors.  I attached the thimble with craft adhesive to the plaque.  The sharp point of the scissors will rest inside the thimble.

display plaquedisplay plaque

Now I can display my scissors and keep them safely away from little fingers.  I hung the display plaque on the wall behind my desk. I think that they fit in nicely with photos , ideas and creations that I am working on.

You could make a display plaque for anything – markers,  eye glasses, candy. The options are limitless.



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