Diorama Photograph Ornament


The holiday season is the time to give, create and share with the ones that you love (or at least like).  Ornaments are great gifts because if the recipient doesn’t care for them, they only have to pretend to like them once a year.  I am partial to intricate and unusual ornaments.  My goal for this project was to construct ornaments with dioramas made from photographs.

Materials Used

Hollow paper or plastic ornaments






Glue gun w/glue sticks



Little trinkets (I used small figurines and beads from necklace that my son destroyed)

My first stop was to a craft store where I purchased paper-mâché(ish) ornament balls.  I traced and cut out a circle shape on each ornament.  I discovered that they were actually plastic covered with paper-mâché.  The plastic made it a little more difficult to cut, but not a big deal.  With spray-paint from a previous project, I lightly coated the inside and outside of each ornament.image


While the ornaments dried, I prepared a feather–like template with cardboard. Once the template was cut, I used it to trace and cut the feather shape out of  felt. I used 1 piece of felt for each ornament. With the glue gun, I attached the feathers to the ornament starting on the bottom, working my way to the top.image

Now it was time for the diorama design.  I wanted the inside of the ornament to be totally different from the minimal design on the outside.  I cut out individuals ifrom photographs and coated them with modpodge.  I glued cardboard to the bottom of the photograph cutouts to give them stability.  Then, I layered the diorama scene piece by piece.  I assembled at least 3 layers of photographs, figurines or trinkets into each ornament with hope to create interest. I am pretty happy with the outcome.image

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