Daydreaming in Color {My Favorite Things}

Hi Friends,

I think that my Neon and Turquoise  pot the other day has got me craving more color.  I am loving the combination of neon yellow and turquoise together.  It is modern and happy.  Turquoise and Blues are very “on trend” and you can find a splash of  them everywhere from Target to high end stores..

I have recently added a touches of turquoise in my living room and would like to add more pops of color around the house.

Daydreaming in Color {My Favorite Things}

Day Dreaming in Color {My Favorite Things } by Paper & Fox

Are you swooning? I am jumping out of my skin…. I love them all.

A long, long time ago when my husband and I purchased our first home we went crazy with color. I mean, neon greens with splattered purple on guest bedroom walls. We were literally kids who owned a home and could do anything they wanted….and we did. We even wallpapered a life-size horse on our back porch. It took about 5 years until we understood that it was ” a little much”. We still believe that  color is a key ingredient in design. It works well when it is allowed to “pop”,  not when it is competing with other loud colors and patterns. I use the same rule with fashion.

As a teenager, I remember a friend’s mother saying  “look in the mirror before leaving the house and take off one accessory”.  It could be an old southern thing, but I still do this.  Color, Good Design, Art, and Jewelry need to breathe and be allowed to shine…..Ok, Ok, Ok enough with my rambling.

Let me tell you more about my favorite things above.

1. I love the design of this Trina Turk throw pillow, I think it would compliment almost any room.

2. These studs from Towne & Reese are a great example of how to use a “pop” of color to your look.

3. My husband and I have been eying this rug from IKEA for our living room.

4. Natasha Law is an artist that I follow. I heart this piece and would love it in my bedroom.

5. So, with my house full of boys this lovely room is not likely to happen.

Not unless  we build my “Lady Room” in the back….I still can dream.

6. I love this yellow dress and it totally something that I would rock.

Pair it with a long necklace and the earrings above and I would wear day and night.

I hope you enjoyed my color daydreams. I will probably be up all night thinking of other ways to incorporate the looks above into my home and life.

Thanks, Carmody


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  1. Griffin July 27, 2014 at 9:24 pm #

    Such a fun post Carmody! I love the mix of decor and fashion products and of course the color combo!

    • carmody July 28, 2014 at 7:38 am #

      Thanks so much Griffin!

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