Holiday Gifts for the Crafter

Gentle Reminder Pencils

Brother PT-1290 Labeler


Pantone boxes

Handwriting Paper Towels

I am always working on the balance of creativity and organization in my life.  I work better when my materials are organized.

Here are few gift ideas for other creative people on your list.

1. I am always rummaging through drawers looking for a pencil.  These Gentle Reminder Pencils by  Amanda Catherine Designs would be a great gift for a someone who never can find a pencil.

2. I mistakenly passed up this cart in the IKEA “as is” department a few weeks ago.  If you work in different rooms, this cart would be great to carry around your materials.  Another benefit  is that you could store the cart in a large closet or a”safe place” away from toddlers.

3. So, I really love to label things. I mean really really like to label things!  I have  had this labeler for over a year and love it. I have used it sippy cups to file folders.

4. These Pantone Storage Boxes would be great to hide current projects and it looks nice and clean on shelves.

5.   Dirtsa Studio created these awesome kitchen towels.

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