Back to School Style – If I were a Kindergartner

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It is that special time of year where you hunt down  black and white composition books and pay  PTA dues…. Oh Yes, back to school time.  It was pretty easy to complete my back to school clothing for my son.  He is a simple man and will only wear cotton drawstring shorts and cotton t-shirts.  Which is great and easy, but not that exciting. While searching for size small “soft pants” at Old Navy, I  fantasized about what I would wear if I were a 5 year old getting ready for school.  A 5 year old with the means to purchase such cute stuff .

Back to School Style – If I were a Kindergartner

Romper….Of Course

I would totally wear this romper today if I could squeeze into it.   I love a good romper and wear them often.   The merman’s “man v” and scantly clad mermaid might not be appropriate for kindergarten circle-time, but oh how great this is.

Lunch Box

By 10 am I would be starving and ready to dig into  my “on trend” doughnut lunchbox for my PB&J and cheese crackers. Picking out your lunch box is a big deal for a kid. You have to be on point and feel good about your decision.


I would feel exceptionally cool wearing this Galaxy inspired book-bag.  I would appear interesting to the other kids, even if all it held was my “on trend” lunchbox and used tissues.


Fanny Pack

Last, but not least I would wear this adorable fanny pack with some stickers and  my emergency contact info.

XOXO – Carmody

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