Anthropologie Inspired Painting

So, I love going into Anthropologie.  On  a few special occasions I have purchased  really pretty dresses and jewelry there, but for the most part I just look around.  I can never really justify spending a lot of money on accessories and clothes, so I am always hunting for a deal.  However, I am always inspired by something at Anthropologie, either store displays or actual merchandise.   I had a little bit of time to myself  today, so I drove  to the mall and walked around Anthropologie hoping for some inspiration.  It worked.  On a little side table near the “sale room” I came across this tiny Blueprint Beaded Pouch.

Anthropologie InspiredAnthropologie Inspired

The yellow on the pouch is a little more neon in person and the silver is more gray.  I liked the texture, colors and the simple design.  I wasn’t so keen on the price of the tiny pouch, so I decided to take the design of the bag and turn it into a painting.  Inspiration is free.

I worked on it when the kids were in bed and it took no time to complete. The Anthropologie Painting and the pouch are not exactly the same, but I think they both portray the same kind of feeling.  Simple + Color =  Slight Smile.

I am slowly creating a gallery wall in my office.  I paired the painting with some of my son’s artwork and photographs.  I am not sure if this will be a permanent home for the painting, but it works for now.  I will keep adding to the wall over the next few months.

Anthropologie Inspired


Anthropologie Inspired

I think my son, Knox, also gets the Anthropologie feeling from the painting.  He is sitting and acting just as he would if I took him to Anthropologie.  

Anyway, when I come across something that I like in Anthropologie or Target, I try to figure out what it is that I like.  Can I take that inspiration or thought and apply it somewhere else? Just a thought.





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